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Previous Shelfari Member...........I'm a mom of 2 and love YA paranormal. I find allot of adult books in that category are always a little off. I never used to like reading until about 5 years ago and now I have a new found love for book. I like books with interesting characters and a large diversity in them, I love it when there's a shocking twist and allot of action, suspense and thriller and moves along a decent pace. I'm not crazy about love stories but a little is always good. I like solid character building and emotions. But most of all there should be a good balance and when it comes to sequels it can not be the same story with a few changes here and there.

Please Help!!!

I'm a previous Shelfari member and that site had something that I cant find on this one.

I'm not very tech savvy so if my terminology is "off" I apologize.  


Like this site when your done reading a book you have the option to rate it, review it and so on, but in Shelfari there was also a section where you could fill out a form and list all the characters and write a short description about them. I took the liberty of posting an example of it below for "Shadow and Bone".


That was a "God Sent' for me because I cant remember characters for the life of me and I'm always referring to the list as I'm reading. My dilemma is that I cant find a website or a page on this site or any other for that matter what gives the option to do this and if I don't find one I am going to be royally screwed.


If anyone can help I would be insanely grateful :D






  • Alina Starkova: An orphan who never really belonged anywhere and was always the best friend of Mal, her best friend, who she's in love with. She's a mapmaker for the First Army and is described as skinny, clumsy and weak. She discovers that she is the Sun Summoner and is taken to the Kings palace for Grisha training.
  • Mal: Alina's best friend who he met at the Duke's palace as he is an orphan to. He is a tracker and a really good one too. Alina is in love with him but he doesn't know it.
  • The Darkling: A powerful man second in power to the king. A Grisha who can control darkness. 120 years old.
  • Ana Kuya: The Duke's housekeeper who raised Alina and Mal.
  • Mikhael: Mal's friend and fellow tracker.
  • Baghra: A mysterious old woman who helps Alina control her powers.
  • Eva: Another mapmaker in the First Army. Does not trust Grisha.
  • Duke Keramsov: A lord who funded the orphanage that raised Alina and Mal.
  • Alexei: A talented mapmaker and one of Alina's friend in the First Army.
  • David: The best Fabrikator in Little Palace.
  • Botkin Yul-Erdene: Combat specialist who teaches the Grisha at Little Palace hand-to-hand combat. Is not a Grisha.
  • Nadia: Summoner at the Little Palace. Is kind of friends with Alina.
  • Genya: A Tailor at the Little Palace. She is the Queen's personal attendant. She is very beautiful and one of Alina's true friends at the Little Palace. She has a crush on David.
  • Fedyor Kaminsky: A heartrender who works for the Darkling and protects Alina.
  • Dubrov: Another tracker in Mal's troop
  • Marie: Another summoner at the Little Palace who tries to befriend Alina
  • Zoya: A powerful Squaller who works with the Darkling and is very jealous of the special treatment that Alina receives from him. She is very beautiful like every Grisha.
  • Ivan: A powerful Corporalki who works for the Darkling and protects Alina.
  • Longface: a robber
  • Sergei Beznikov: A Corporalki
  • Raevsky: Captain of the military encampment at Kribirsk
  • Ivo: A summoner
  • Apparat: priest
  • Lev: robber
  • Eskil: A Squaller and Fjerdan




Setting & Locations  


  • Ravka: A fictional country at war with Shu Han and Fjerda. Grisha are pampered and valued for their powers. It is divided by a dark force called The Fold.
  • The Unsea: Horrible scar on earth where dark things dwell
  • Keramzin: A little town in Ravka where Alina and Mal grew up at the orphanage.
  • Os Alta: The Capital of Ravka where the Royal family lives and the Grishas train in the
  • Tsibeya: The northern plains of Ravka.
  • Fjerdan: A country to the north of Ravka who they are at war with.
  • Unsea: Also known as The Fold. A mass of darkness that splits Ravka in half. It was created by a darkling from before who is known as the Dark Heretic. In the Unsea there are volcra which would attack anyone in the Fold. A deadly place that must be crossed to reach the west side of Ravka.
  • The Little Palace: A place where all Grisha are taken to hone their skills at a young age. It is located within Os Alta.
  • The True Sea: The real sea that borders west Ravka.
  • Kribirsk: A city next to the Shadow Fold.
Night World, No. 1 - L.J. Smith

Well..... I read the first of the three books "Secret Vampire" and I thought it was alright nothing spectacular. It didn't captivate me enough to want to keep reading the second book. Perhaps one day I will pick it up again.